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Carved Ox Horn

Carved Ox horn Prayer Beads Old


Magnificent Hand Carved Ox Horn Stalking Tiger Figurine Statuette Sleek Glowing


Vintage Carved Ox Buffalo Horn Crane Heron Bird & Baby Figurine Sculpture 8.75"


Ox Horn Stork Egrets Hand Carved Polished Figural Sculpture


Hand Carved Polished Ox Horn Stork Egrets Figural Sculpture


Chinese Hand Carved Ox Horn Libation Cup


Vintage Chinese Hand Carved Ox-Horn With Dragon And Phoenix Wood Base 12.75"H


Pair of Chinese Ox Horn Hand Carved Sculptures


Chinese carved water buffalo,ox horn figurine


Collect Old China Natural Ox horn Carved Phoenix bird Wine vessel wineglass Cup


Vintage Chinese Carved Handcrafted Ox, Water Buffalo Horns


Vintage Carved Ox Horn & Alabaster Ashtray Paseo Colón Buenos Aires Signed


Super Mugs Hand Carved OX Horn Drinking Mug Brass Rimmed Mug beer Vintage Stein


Vintage HAND CARVED OX HORN Standing Figural Man 8" x 2 1/2" COLLECTIBLE NICE!


Amazing Chinese ox horn Carved statue VINTAGE DREAM


China Natural Ox Horn Carved Buddhism Temple Kwanyin Quanyin Guanyin Ruyi Statue


Chinese Old Ox Horn Carved Pixiu Dragon Turtle Beast Seal Stamp Signet Statue


Chinese Ox Bull Horn Carved Ox Oxen Tongzi Boy Feng Shui Wealth Statue Sculpture


Marked China Ox Horn Hand Carved Pixiu Brave Troops Wineglass Winecup Cup Goblet


Chinese Ox Horn Pure Hand Carved Hangwork Carving Wine Pot Cup Cann Cups Statue


6" China Ox Horn Carved Exorcism God Face Pixiu Dragon Beast Angle Of Cup Statue


4" Chinese Ox Horn Hand Carved Wealth Auspicious Pen Container Brush Pot Statue


Rare China Old Ox horn Carved Dragon Head 7 Pray Bead amulet Exorcism Bracelets


5 China Ox Horn Hand-Carved Dragon Beast Kylin Chi-lin Qilin Angle Of Cup Statue


7" Chinese Ox Horn Hand Carved Beast Pixiu Elephant Head Drinking Cup Goblet Pot


Chinese Old Ox Horn Hand Carved Pi Xiu Beast Drinking Cup Goblet Pot Oxhorn Cups


5" Chinese Ox Horn Carved Maitreya Bodhisattva Buddha Ride Lion Tongzi Sculpture


China Old Ox horn Hand-Carved 18 Lohan Rohan Pray Bead amulet Bracelet Bracelets


3" China Dynasty Ox Horn Carved Wealth Cup Wine Cup Wineglass Goblet Cann Statue


China Exquisite Ox Horn Hand-Carved 4 Guan-yin Avalokitesvara Buddha Head Statue


Antique Asian Chinese Beautiful Pair of Ox Horns Carved FREE SHIPPING


5"Old China Ox Horn Carved Beast Face Totems Emboss Angle Of Cup Wine Cup Statue


Collect Chinese Natural Ox Horn Pure Hand Carved Wealth Old People Emboss Statue


5" Ancient China Ox Horn Carved Pi Xiu Brave Troops Wineglass Winecup Cup Goblet