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Apple Mac PowerPC G3 Blue and White Tower,300MHz,192MB RAM,6GBHD,CD-ROM,ZIP


Excellent Mac Mini A1103, Apple, G4, PowerPC, Tiger 10.4.11


Apple PowerMac G5 A1047 Powerpc 1.6GHz/1GB RAM -No Hard Drive/Cables


Mac PowerPC G5 Dual 2GHz 1 GB RAM 150GB HD w. Cinema Display & Airport Extreme


Apple Power Mac G5 A1047 M9749LL/A Tower 1.8GHz PowerPC 256mb no HD


Power Mac PowerPC G4 3.2 Dual 1GHz AS-IS 2 GB RAM 3 Internal HD Pioneer DVD-RW


Apple A1133 iBook Laptop/Notebook PowerPC G4 1.33GHz 512MB RAM 40GB HDD CDRW/DVD


Apple 15 inch iMac M6498 PowerPC G4 MAC OS X 800mhz 256mb 60gb Tested!


Vintage Apple iMac M5521 15" Snow White AIO PowerPC G3 500MHz 256MB RAM 20GB HD


Apple Power Macintosh G3 M3979 1998, 233MHz PowerPC 32MB RAM Powers On AS-IS


Apple Macintosh PowerBook G3 Laptop PowerPC 233MHz 128MB RAM M4753


Apple PowerBook Duo 2300c PowerPC 603e 100Mhz 36MB RAM 1GB HD Mac OS 8.0


Motherboard and Lower Case for Apple iBook Clamshell M6911 IBM PowerPc G3 PPC750


Vintage Apple iMac M5521 15" Bondi Blue AIO PowerPC G3 350MHz 64MB RAM 40GB HD




Apple eMac G4 17" Power PC Computer 700Mhz 512MB RAM 40GB HDD / OSX 10


Apple iMac G5 PowerPc 20" Screen 2GHz CPU 250GB HDD Excellent shape Runs great


Apple iBook Mac OSX, 640MB RAM, 900MHz Power PC G3 Processor w/Charger


(3) Apple Mac Powermac Mini Power PC G4 perfect working 1.33Ghz 1GB/40GB OS 10.5


Apple MAC Dual 2.5 Ghz PowerPC G5 computer, 2 Monitors, Final Cut Pro, Speakers


Apple Macintosh Performa 6400/200 M3548 Computer [email protected]/16MB/NO HD


Apple Mac mini Model A1126 1.33GHz Power pC G4 40GB HDD/DVD-ROM CD-RW W/Monitor




Apple Power Macintosh 8100/80AV Power PC M1688


Apple Mac Mini 1.42GHz PPC PowerPC G4 1GB RAM 160GB OS X 10.5 A1103 w/AC Adapter


(1) Apple Mac Powermac Mini Power PC G4 perfect working 1.33Ghz 1GB/40GB OS 10.5


iMac G3 AIO (1999, Apple) M4984 PowerPC G3 333MHz 160MB RAM 6GB HDD *Tested*


Mac Mini A1103, Apple, G4, PowerPC 7447a


Apple eMac A1002 17" PowerMac All In One Computer PowerPC G4 1.00GHz 640MB 60GB


Mac Pro PowerPC G5 Dual 2GHz 9GB 1TB


APPLE POWER PC MAC OS X 10.4.11 G5 R9600 2.3 CHz Mac HD


Apple A1047 PowerMac7,3 PowerMac7,2 G5 Mid 2004 Early 2005 Dual PowerPC 970fx


Apple Power Mac G5, Dual 2 Ghz Powerpc, 1 GB Ram, 2 512mb Hard Drives


Apple PowerMac G5 - 1.8 GHz PowerPC 970fx (G5), 4GB DDR PC-3200 400 MHz RAM


iMac 20" PowerPC G5 1GB Ram 500GB HDS 10.5.8 Leopard All in 1 Desktop A1076


Apple Imac M6498 PowerPC G4 700Mhz 512MB RAM 40GB HDD OSX 10.4 Tiger


Apple PowerMac G4 M5183 Tower w/ PowerPC G4 450MHz 256MB RAM 20GB HDD


Apple Power MAC Dual 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5


(2) Apple Mac Powermac Mini Power PC G4 perfect working 1.66Ghz 2GB/60GB OS 10.5


APPLE 2000 iMac G3 PowerPC BONDI Blue 400 MHz 192MB RAM 10GB HD Tested, Working